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“Do not confuse a certified arborist with a Consulting Arborist. Anyone who passes the test administered by the International Society of Arboriculture, the trade organization for the arboricultural industry, may become a certified arborist. While there are many certified arborists who may be qualified to serve as consultants, there are many more whose only qualification is that they have a pickup truck and a chainsaw. A Consulting Arborist with forensic training, regardless of “certification,” is the appropriate expert to look at questions of causation and valuation. To find a qualified Consulting Arborist in your area, contact the American Society of Consulting Arborists in Rockville, Maryland, at 301‑947‑0483 ( or check their online referral database at www.asca‑ You could also consult a local attorney specializing in tree disputes for recommendations.”

— Tree Law: The “Top Ten” Issues Attorneys Should Consider When Handling Disputes Over Trees
Barri Kaplan Bonapart, California Lawyer, March 2002


Landscape Watering and the California Drought

With the risk of property damage, human injury or even death, letting landscapes go dry as California endures its drought is the wrong choice. Here's why.

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Robert Walton

Robert Walton, Registered Consulting Arborist & Certified Arborist examining a tree.

Eucalyptus diagnosis
During an arborist consultation Robert Walton determined that these eucalyptus had long‑horn beetle.

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